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Digital Marketing
05 Dec 2020

Confused between PPC & SEO strategy? Read this article to understand their difference.

PPC and SEO strategy are undoubtedly a part of every digital marketer’s plans to promote a business online. After all, they are two of the biggest traffic generators in the world of digital marketing.

However, many-a-time, people often get confused between SEO and PPC services; thus, we have created this article to help them understand their differences:

·        Definition:

By definition, SEO strategy is the art of organically ranking higher in the unpaid section of the search engine result pages (SERP’s); to improve the overall traffic of a webpage or website. SEO utilizes strategies that will help you generate organic or free-traffic on your website by implementing strategies such as link building, on-page seo, off-page seo, technical seo, etc.

On the other hand, PPC strategy revolves around ranking on the first page of SERP’s (in the paid section) through the process called bidding. PPC or pay-per-click marketing is similar to purchasing ad space in a newspaper or a magazine, with the sheer difference being that you have to pay a certain amount of money to the publisher for each click on the ad.

However, the one common thing about both of them is the fact that they require a certain set of skills and experience; thus, starting and operating an SEO or PPC campaign on your own can be extremely difficult. But the good news is that there are many specialized ad agencies like Brisk Digitech, providing effective PPC and SEO services.

·        Time Period

Probably the biggest difference between a PPC and SEO strategy is the amount of time that varies between the two of them. On one hand, a PPC strategy requires way less amount of time to show valid search results (as you are basically bidding your way to the top); however, on the other, an SEO strategy consumes at least 4 to 6 months to improve keyword rankings.

Thus, PPC helps you to reach the first page of Google rankings through paid means (quickly), whereas, SEO helps you grow organically through unpaid channels. Therefore, if you are looking for quick search results then PPC should form the core of your digital marketing strategy; but make sure that you consult with a company providing PPC services before making your final decision.

·        Trust Factor

As we discussed in the earlier point, making it to the first page of SERPs through organic methods (SEO) is way more time-consuming than the quick and cash-dependent PPC strategies. However, there is a down-side towards depending completely on PPC; people find it difficult to trust your website.

Confused? Let me help you understand. Imagine that you are browsing through the internet, and you type “Best home Loans” in the search bar. The first 4 to 5 results will be the ads that are displayed through PPC, after which, all the other results are the organic ones (SEO). Now from a consumer point of view, wouldn’t they find it weird if your name appears in the ad section but not in the organic results? (Nowadays, people know the difference between paid results and organic ones).

Thus, if you ask us, a perfect digital marketing strategy would be the one that depends on both; PPC as well as an SEO strategy.

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